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The Journey Continues

It’s been three years since my last entry. It’s amazing in itself how many people still read this blog despite how long it has been since I’ve updated. I’ve been around, but I’ve often thought that now that things have “worked out” few people would want to read my story. I’ve come to realize that as the years go by, more individuals stumble across this blog looking for some guidance, or even a person to maybe reach out and talk to. When I initially set out on this “journey” it was a means for me to keep a record, if not for only myself, but for those friends and family interested. It then developed into a “Cautionary Tale” of which I couldn’t fathom the reach it would have. During Intel school I met more than a handful of individuals that one way or another came across this page. Majority of those individuals were wash-outs of pilot training, and just looking for someone that had gone through the same thing they were. This was how I learned firsthand how many people I had actually impacted in some form or manner. Since school, I’ve kept in contact every few months with people going through the same decisions, or situation.  It’s for all of these people that I’ve decided to update.

It’s hard to imagine that that it’s been over six years since I left active duty, and over three since I joined the Guard. I’ve been home from Intel school for over two and a half. I really enjoyed Intel school, and all that it had to offer. I had an amazing class, which made it quite a bit better. I learned a ton about so many different areas. Most of all though, I got my confidence in myself back. During pilot training, I always felt like something was “off” and a near constant feeling of dread. During Intel school I became that annoying student that loved every moment of it. I finally felt like my classmates in pilot training that loved every ounce of what they were doing. My passion had returned. I realized after a while that this almost zealous drive to succeed and learn was a bit annoying to my peers. Since then, at my unit, I’ve also learned that this same desire to not fail and give everything I do 110% can make myself appear as almost cocky. If these individuals know my history/story then it does give some insight into why I am the way I am, and why I do not consider failure an option. I will say that after these last three years, I’ve felt completely vindicated with how things panned out and felt like I have indeed followed the correct path for myself. I also believe to a large degree that this is the path God had intended me to be on from the beginning (of course that path isn’t done yet.) My journey to where I am today has taught me a resiliency that I wouldn’t have learned or appreciated without it. It also brought me back close to home, while able to serve in the military. Probably most of all, it also brought me back into the life of my now Wife.

That leads me to my other big development in the last three years. Right around the last writing of this blog, I had begun reconnecting with my now Wife. We had been friends since college, but life seemed to bring us back into one another’s paths again. Had I remained on Active Duty, been reclassified into some other career field (possibly not Intel), I would not be anywhere near where I am today, doing what I love to do. If that’s not God’s plan working out then I don’t know what is. It was a hard few years leading up to that, while I was off trying to live out other plans or journeys that I had to take to eventually lead me to where I am today. That has all taught me valuable lessons along the way and shaped my life, which I would never want to change. Thus if I have one bit of advice it’s to stay true to yourself.

Lastly, I didn’t get here on my own. I’ve been surrounded by so many supportive people and had the shoulders of loved ones, family and friends to stand on. I’ve had the never-ending support of my loving wife. I have also been extremely fortunate finding another “family” with my Guard family. I’m excited for what the future brings, at this rate not even I know. When I began writing this blog over six years ago, I would have never guessed this is how it would have turned out.


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