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And The Next Chapter Awaits

Just a quick update to let everyone know what’s going on, and how things are working out for me.

I will be at Intel School at Goodfellow in just a few short weeks. My class start date is Feb 5th. I have been doing as many drills days as I can until I leave for school here in a short while. It’s been really cool as I’m able to actually see the mission we do, so it’s really giving me a good understanding of what I’ll be doing when I’m done with training. I should be at Goodfellow through the middle of September for school, and then I’ll be back in Indiana for additional training with my unit. I’m really looking forward to what awaits me in the next many months, as I’ve been waiting quite some time to be able to do this. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of class/studying, but I am definitely ready for the challenge.

In other good news, I officially got promoted to First Lieutenant, so that’s even better! I guess I technically need to rename my “title” line of the blog to “The Journey of a 1st Lieutenant…” haha.

I appreciate everyone that reads this, especially the people that reach out to me. Knowing this blog helps anyone is, in itself, reason to write the blog. Until next time.

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