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One door closes, and new doors open

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick update on everything.

Right now I’m working on doing my out-processing in preparation for my Dec 27th separation date (I know awesome date right?!) I should have most of it done come next week. I’ll be off my job starting next week so I can focus on that. Tomorrow morning is actually my last day on gate, which is actually kind of sad. I’ve made some pretty good friends here, and the crazy thing is they are all enlisted airmen I work with at the gate. They are all pretty sad to see me go, and they’ve made the whole casual status here much more enjoyable. I’m glad I got a position like that, I actually wish I could have had 12 hour days with all of them (yeah I know right, I wanted to work longer days so I could work with them longer!)


This very well could be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Everything happens for a reason right?

My family and friends have also rallied behind me to toss out ideas or give support. Mom and Martin working on the Air Guard option. Among other people just giving me positive support. I couldn’t have such a positive attitude or be so optimistic if it weren’t for all of these people. Dad and Barb just being there to talk to, Grandma Shirley talking to me about God’s path for me (which helped as well.) and the rest of my family like Michelle, Grandpa Terry, and Aunt Sue just ensuring I’m doing alright. Thank you everyone. I owe you all many thanks.

Until next time.