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Home is where the Hart is =)

I haven’t updated because well, there honestly hasn’t really been anything worth updating about (save a couple trips which is what I’ll mostly be talking about in this post.) Casual status is still very much casual, but I have been getting assigned more additional jobs.

A quick side note for those finding this blog for info about ASBC and the like…my posts about my time there is accurate, but if you compare it to what people are now experiencing you’ll probably get a bit different info. They’ve taken out the week at blue thunder (and not sure when they’ll give you the training we learned there during ASBC now.) They’ve also changed the first briefing around, but I believe the doctrine briefing is still the same. I’ve got some friends there so maybe I’ll update about it when I talk to them. But now back to a day in the life of!

So let’s see, September 7th was the last update, what has happened since then… I went on a weekend getaway to San Antonio in September. On October 6th to October 13th I was back in Indiana also for eight days of very much needed leave. Other than that I’ve mostly just been at Laughlin.

The highlight of my past couple months was definitely going back to Indiana. I hadn’t been home in five or so months (since may,) and hadn’t seen most of my family and friends in that same length of time. I know it may not seem like a long time, but I’ve never really been away from home save like a month at a time. I attempted to cram in as much as I possibly could into those eight days. Time with my fraternity brothers, eBash friends, family, other friends…I was definitely running on empty by the time I got back to Texas. I definitely think I made the most out of the trip, and couldn’t have really asked for much more. I had plenty of nice surprises and good times to hold me over until my next visit. What’s depressing is that visit will probably be the last time that I can really see so many people. When I go back again many of my pike brothers will have graduated (at least the ones I was pretty close to like Josh and Jason, among those I went alum with that are still finishing up.) A couple other friends will have graduated and moved on, and who knows who else may not be there anymore. So that was kind of a downer when I was leaving…knowing that once again things were going to change and that regardless I had to accept it.

Tuesday night was spent at the San Antonio airport waiting for my 6am flight. I drove my car over to the Mitsubishi dealership near the airport in order to get some routine maintenance done to it (why not it’s still under warranty thus almost everything is free.) If I were to park at the airport it would have been like $90 by the time I got back, while I spent only $20 for my car maintenance…I was thus stuck at the airport since I had no car. I decided to go to the USO, which turned out to be an amazing idea since they were doing Air Force basic training in-processing by the USO. I then got to watch wave after wave of new basics in their civilian clothes to go off to basic for many weeks. In tow of the basics were several TI’s who were yelling and yelling…I found this quite humorous and enjoyable to witness. Also at the USO were around fifty or so newly graduated security forces two stripers on their way home or to their first assignment. It was fun being able to talk to all these airmen who have been in about as long as I have, and to see their perceptions about officers and the air force.

Wednesday was spent on a plane, in the car, and then finally back home in Terre Haute. I stopped by and saw mom at school, which brought her to tears of joy. I then went to my fraternity house and saw a bunch of my brothers that night. It was fun seeing everyone’s reactions as each person saw me for the first time since last may. I almost felt like I had celebrity status for eight days while I was home. Thursday I spent some time at eBash and got to see my friends there. I was sure to see Cliff, Kyle, Fred, and Ashley on my trip also. I played Dead Rising 2 with Cliff and I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a co-op game…ever. Friday, I visited Megan at work and found this amazing book about Indiana micro-breweries that I instantly bought for Fred and Ashley. I was finally able to give it to them on Monday when we met for lunch, and I swear those two looked like kids on Christmas morning. It made me pretty happy that they liked their gift so much.

Friday/Saturday were spent doing homecoming festivities. Friday was the trike race, which I was able to see some ROTC peeps, and I also got to see more pikes I hadn’t seen yet. I had dinner with Mom, Martin, and Michelle that night. Something we of course don’t get to do very often now, and probably wont happen again for a long while, so that made it pretty special. It was great timing that I was back home for both My sister and Step-dad’s birthdays. Later that night several of the pikes and I went to the Bally, and I definitely spent a little too much due to my newly gained “alumni” status…which led to me buying several drinks for most of the people with us, including the AXO’s that I was friends with. Bree was there also, and it was nice to catch up with her.  Had a nice surprise while at the Bally that certainly made the trip even more epic. Saturday morning started at the Bars at 7am…which would last until finally making our way to the Pike Tent at 2pm via “The Walk.” I’m unsure if I’ll ever do that thing again…haha. It was pretty fun for the first couple hours going to each new “establishment” and running into the same crowd you started off at 7am with. As the day progressed and you kept seeing the same people over and over again, you steadily grew happier and louder at seeing them at the next establishment. I ended up doing most of the walk with Liz, Cainan, and Jared. That was fun being able to see three people I used to see quite a bit at eBash, but since then we had gone our separate ways. The best part of it was it was completely unplanned and I kept losing various people I had been with before like Josh and Jason. I also saw the three of them that night when I went back to the bally (and by that point I couldn’t believe I was still awake since I hadn’t slept since 11am Friday.) SO a big thanks to Liz, Cainan, and Jared for keeping me company on the walk!

Sunday I went to the Colts game, and I must say I got to go to one hell of  a game. I took my dad as his Birthday present. We’ve never really had too many chances for there to be “Father and Son” activities besides maybe going shooting once in a while. Even far fewer chances now that I’m over 18 hours away (by car.) The game was against the Kansas City Chiefs (which WERE the only undefeated team in the league.) A very amazing turn of events during the game was the fact that 3rd string running back Mike Hart ended up playing the entire second half…in which he scored the only touchdown of the entire game. My mom and step-dad have season tickets (and gave me the tickets to go to the game…so a BIG THANK YOU there.) There seats are behind one of the goal posts which also happened to be the endzone that Mike Hart scored. I was going nuts (so was dad.) The only thing that could have made it better would have been the fact that I would of had my Mike Hart (number 32) jersey on Sunday for the game, instead of it arriving the next day on Monday =(. Good job scoring that touch down and doing our name proud Mike Hart.  After the game we got to see my sister for dinner for her birthday. It was really nice to have both my dad and sister there for dinner…the only thing that was missing was Barb ;).

Monday I got to see Fred and Ashley for lunch. I had dinner with Mom and Martin for Martin’s birthday. We went to Texas roadhouse (I found this kind of humorous since I live in Texas now) but the food was good! I’m going to definitely miss being able to go out to dinner with everyone. I went over to the fraternity house and got to sit in on the end of chapter. I then went to Kyle’s house where we failed many many attempts at getting an age of empires II game going. Instead we played age of mythology. After that Kyle, Logan, and I played Halo: Reach for several hours which was really fun. I wish I could do that more often!

Tuesday I spent the last of my time with friends from eBash before going my Dad’s house to have dinner with Dad and Barb. Barb cooked my favorite dish she makes (ravioli), and earlier in the week Mom cooked my favorite dish (Chicken Pot Pie.) A big thanks to both of them for cooking for me  =).

Weds I packed up and flew back home….

Something I really realized while being back home is that it’s the people that makes a place home. It’s not the fact you have trees, corn fields, or cactus (though being able to see the leaves change in Indiana was a nice added bonus to my visit) It’s the fact that you’re surrounded by people you care about and that care about you. I like Laughlin, because that’s “home” since that’s where I am…(Home is where the Hart is) but I still miss all of those people I got to see while being back in Indiana. The trip was so “epic” because I got to see so many people that I care about with and that made my 22 years in Terre Haute so memorable. You will all be very missed. Thank you for making my eights days of leave so amazing. I hope to see everyone again soon. I have an amazing family, and quite a few pretty awesome friends. I’m pretty lucky!

This weekend was fun and relaxing. I stayed in Laughlin and played video games/spent time with some friends.

Now I’m back at Laughlin and back to gate guard duty mixed with other random jobs. It keeps me busy and I’m getting paid so I’m certainly not complaining at all!

As far as my reclasification process…I got an email last week saying that I had “Met the board, and the board was still underway.” I should hear something relatively soon I think.

I’m looking to do a road-trip one of these weekends before long. Might go to Lubbock and see a friend or two and  I earned a “one day pass” for working the combat dining-out and putting in a ton of time for that, so hopefully I can take a three day weekend.

Thanks for reading! I promise to update more regularly!



  1. Becky Lathrop
    24 October 2010 at 13:14

    It was WONDERFUL having you home. I’ll never forget you surprising me at work with your visit. I wish we could have spent more time together, but I understand trying to fit a lot of people in a short time and I think you did a good job of that. It was hard telling you “see you later” at the airport. You want your kids to grow up and be successful, but it is hard to let them go to spread their own wings. You and Michelle have been my life for so long and now you both are out of the nest. It’s tough but I am very proud of both of you. I’m never too far away that I can’t come to see you.

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