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Casual Status Part 2?

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated mainly because…there hasn’t been anything going on…at all. Just been doing my casual job (still doing gate guard.) I’ve been working out quite a bit, probably the most ever? I also have a decent amount of free time, so I’ve been putting the new TV/Surround sound system to good use.

As far as the casual job goes it’s nothing “glorious” but I really enjoy being able to get to know the Airmen that work the gate with us. I’m actually really looking forward to hopefully be working in some manner where I’m in charge of people and helping them…leading them. Being their “LT” so that they feel like they have an officer really looking out and taking care of them…I get some mixed feelings from enlisted folk when you talk to them about their superiors, especially from different branches. I have tons of examples of things “not to do” but I’ve also seen some great officers, some great leaders. I’m confident I can do a great job regardless of the job they give me. So I may not get a lot out of just “checking IDs” but I do get a lot out of all the people. Even being the first face  people see when they come on base can make a huge difference. It may be a small thing that people don’t really think about, but it’s true. Someone is always watching, and you never know what they will see be it good or bad. I’m trying to take every opportunity and just do it the best I can.

Which brings me back to making the decision to reclassify. My feelings haven’t changed, though occasionally I see the planes and play the what if game. That’s mainly due to me not being in my new career yet, and I’m just doing gate guard. But once I get in that airplane my feelings would just be right back to dreading every moment of it. It may look “cool and fun” from the outside as an onlooker, and of course it could be if you’re just along for the ride. I like the fact of flying, and being up in the air…but I didn’t enjoy it that much where I wanted to do it the next 11 years of my life. I see flying more as something I’d enjoy as a hobby, as something to do on my “off time.” I look at it as similar to my job at ebash (a video gaming center I worked at in high school and college for those that don’t know.) I loved video games tons before that, but when I worked at eBash (www.ebash.com) I started to like video games less and less… it took away from the joy and the fun of video games. They say do what you love, but should that mean make your job the same thing as you really enjoy? Professional athletes just don’t only do that “job” as their hobby. I enjoyed video games less when I worked at eBash than before or after I worked there. The people and my friends being there is what made the job fun and enjoyable. It helped it was something I had a ton of background in and was pretty good at, but I didn’t enjoy my hobby anymore. I see that exactly the same way when dealing with flying, and it being my career. I would enjoy flying once a month or week or something just for an hour to get up and fly around…but as a job? For everyone outside looking in, it’s easy to make and pass judgments about it…for the pilots that enjoy it…it’s easy to pass judgment on. Those that haven’t been there and haven’t experienced it, they wouldn’t know if that’s for them or not either. And those that enjoy it and want to continue doing it, well it’s easy for them to think you’re crazy for dropping from the thing they enjoy. Those things just piss me off, but it doesn’t make me second guess my decision. What’s done is done and I’m glad I made the decision and I’m hopeful of the future. People can talk trash all they want, my happiness is what really matters.

I met with my commander and turned all the paperwork in so now it’s in the hands of the Air Force. The Col said the likelihood of retained is really really good, and he’s never really seen it go the negative way for people with nothing negative on their record (like myself) and a person that drops as early as IFS. He also said that in terms of reclassification he almost always sees people get reclassified as one of their top two, and I have a strong case for intelligence, so I should hopefully get that. I’d be happiest there, but I’d be happy serving my nation and being a leader for airmen regardless.

Also talked to one of my brothers who’s in the FBI today about the career opportunities of going from the Air Force as an intel officer to the FBI, and the likelihood is really really good…so there we go, already a career option after the Air Force. I’d like to stay in the Air Force as long as possible though, but working for the FBI would be pretty awesome.

Well time to go to gate guard duty!

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