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Academics, Studying, Academics, Studying, with a side of Exercise

Well loyal readers, it is officially the end of Week 1 here at IFS. What a fun week indeed. When they say “learning from the fire hose” they definitely mean it. This is a screening program so thus they want to see how well we can perform with this fire hose effect. When I say “learning from the fire hose” it’s an analogy they use to explain how quick the information comes at us. Think of a normal classroom setting and you’re drinking from the water fountain.

I’ll start off with the IFS complex as a whole. It’s a renovated industrial building so it makes for an interesting “complex” in terms of living quarters. All the metal that the building is made of limits the cell phone reception (luckily I’m on an exterior wall so it doesn’t suck too much.) The building doesn’t really have any windows save for the flight rooms/dining facility/ a couple officers. A very few living quarters have windows. I really never know what the weather is since I rarely even see outside. The rooms aren’t bad, I’d rate them better than ASBC for sure, but the rooms at Laughlin had better TVs. The internet here is really good though (which is bad because I’ve played WoW and StarCraftII here…) The exercising area is pretty nice, and the dining facility is actually really good. I definitely don’t have any complaints with the place (I know shocking!) A window would be nice, but eh…It makes sleeping really easy.

Monday was in-processing, nothing special there really. Just got my security badge, checked into my room…That’s really about it.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday were all the same. Complete mirror images of one another. Wake up at 5:30, go to physical training at 6am. Shower and change into blues by 7:20 to start briefings until 12:00. Then we’d break for lunch until about 12:40…then have more academic briefings until 4/5pm. This repeated all four days. In total we had about 20 academic lessons. This covered almost every aspect of basic flight…Aircraft systems, maneuvers, airspace, weather, etc and so on. It’s about the amount of stuff I covered in a semester of school (six credit hours) in the course of 4 days…Of course my 6 credit hours of it were more in depth, but right now we are just getting the very basics. Once UPT starts it’ll be much much more in depth.

We then have an academic test on monday (tomorrow). In total there are around 500 possible questions or so, taken from our practice quizzes. Not every single question on the test will be from the quizzes though, but same basic concepts. Of those 500 or so questions (50) of them are randomly chosen when you log in to take the test. This weekend I hammered away at everything and I’d say I’ve put in over 20 hours of studying. I did at least 10 hours just today. I really don’t think I’ve studied for anything so much, but this is how it’ll be for pilot training as well. That and you add in the whole aspect of this being my job now, and the one thing I’ve wanted to do in life. It’s pretty easy to find motivation to study. First flight tomorrow, and my academic test tomorrow. You fail it twice you’re done, 85% or higher is a pass. I’m aiming for a 100% =)

I don’t feel like I’m struggling (but we’ll see when I start having to fly.) It’s all come to me pretty easily and I actually feel more prepared after a week than I did a whole semester at ISU. That all probably helped lead me up to this though. It’s pretty amazing what you can make yourself do given the circumstances. I’ve been pretty exhausted the whole past week due to not sleeping well, and I’ve still been on the ball. I’m motivated, I’m excited, I’m ready to kick ass. What I’ve always planned, hoped, dreamed, or aimed for all starts tomorrow. I’m definitely anxious, but I’m not worried. If I put my mind to something, focus on it, and strive to obtain it…I do, failure just isn’t an option for me…I don’t even think I know the definition of that word anymore. Of course this is just a “screening” and the real deal starts sometime in October, but you have to get through here in order to get to the next part…so one thing at a time…one thing at a time.

Control the things you can control, and to hell with the rest.

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  1. Becky Lathrop
    9 August 2010 at 19:27

    Sounds like you have the right frame of mind. Glad you passed your test. You never mentioned what you got on it. I hope the rest of your time goes better than today did. I agree with Barb. You didn’t have an easy time learning to drive. Remember how anxious it made you. Maybe this is similar. I bet it gets better the more you do it. Just like it got better when you drove more. Love you and until next time…

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