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Enroute to Pueblo

Since my last entry, I did another week of casual status, and drove to IFS (Introductory Flight Screening) at Pueblo, Colorado. I’ll break down each, starting with last week of casual status.

Casual status last week (for the most part) was much like the previous weeks. Did gate guard shifts (I mainly worked the morning shifts this time) and finished up my checklists for in-processing. It was nice to finally turn those things in. I also got issued all my flight stuff (flight suits/helmet bag/gloves/ and even air force aviators….) I guess each base is different on the “extra” stuff as we got the aviators, and others got watches.

I also took my Physical Fitness Test last Monday. Even though I do another one here, tomorrow…The one last Monday will hold me over until I start phase 1. I scored a 90 which means I should only take it once a year, but since I’m a pilot trainee…we take it during every phase of training. The one I have to do tomorrow morning is going to be bad…This altitude is going to be killer.

There were a couple awesome things that happened last week. I finally moved into my dorm (woohoo for my own place again!) I got the key to my room Tuesday, and moved all my stuff in on Wednesday right after my gate guard shift. I had the cable guy there hooking up my cable/internet within a matter of hours. The internet isn’t the best, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what I’ve had  the past couple months. (The internet here at IFS is actually pretty good, just a side note.)  I don’t even have a TV yet, as I haven’t had the money for one, but that’s the “awesome thing to happen last week, number 2!” I got all my back pay from ASBC, my TDY and my PCS money (PCS = Permanent change of station.) The drive to Maxwell is TDY while the drive from Maxwell to your base is considered a PCS (if you’re enroute.) All of this combined was a lot of money. Most of that money has been money I’ve paid out for gas/lodging and food.

On Saturday I left Laughlin and headed to Lubbock, Texas for my first stop along the way to Pueblo. This six hour leg was pretty long, there wasn’t a whole lot to see (at first there kind of was as the road I was on required constant turns and was fun to drive/maneuver.) Once I made it to Lubbock I went to my friend Kelsey’s apartment. She’s a friend from my flight at field training and I hadn’t seen her since then. It was also nice to meet her fiancé, Jacob, who is also a WoW player (Kelsey is also.) I definitely appreciated them allowing me to stay with them/ hang out, it was fun.

The next day I continued my trip to Walsenburg, Colorado. The first part of this drive was pretty boring, and flat. New Mexico brought about the start of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. By the time I was in Colorado I was right in the heart of them. Once I made it to Walsenburg I made a side journey over to La Veta to see the Twin Spanish Peaks. Which is the picture below.

After that I took a side road over to Gardner, Colorado and drove by some familiar spots. I made my way over to the start of the Upper Huerfano area and snapped a couple pictures. The Upper Huerfano area is where I’ve actually hiked/camped back in high school for three summers in a row. You can see all that info on my facebook though. And the people that actually want to know all about that are probably my facebook friend. The below image is a shot is along the road leading back into that area more. I wasn’t going to risk going further with my car though.

The last image is just a map I found of the area. You can pretty see where everything is laid out that I discussed. That V area of the map with Mt Blanca making the base of the V is where I used to go/took the last picture from.

My next post I’ll detail the first week of IFS, as I’ve only in-processed today. So until next time!

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  1. Becky Lathrop
    3 August 2010 at 10:37

    This blog of yours is great!! Keep the posts coming. Glad you made it safe and sound. I appreciated the text telling me you made it, because you know how your mother can worry. Love you!!

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