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Casual Status is Exactly That, Casual

Since the last post I’ve now been through two more weeks of casual status. I’m grouping two weeks together in this post because honestly not too much really happened. I leave for IFS come next Saturday, so once I get there I’ll have a little bit more to blog about. I’ll be pretty busy, but I’ll try to get an hour or so on the weekends to drop a note here. But now lets talk about the past two weeks.


And that’s about it.

Ok, I’m kidding. I started my gate guard shifts which actually aren’t too bad. This generally entails just checking IDs as people come in and such, but it gives us some time to chat to some of the enlisted security forces people. I have to say that being able to talk to them one on one has been pretty cool. I’ve also had some various odd jobs, like picking up trash, directing traffic. I’ve gotten the drug reduction duty twice…where we go and “supervise” to make sure people aren’t cheating or lying on drug tests. So far I’m two for two in not actually having to “supervise” as it’s not been a testing day. One guy apparently has gone four times to work it, and each day has been a testing day. No luck for that guy!

Other than that I’ve been running around and finishing up in-processing stuff and getting everything done to go to IFS. I finally have my military email in the global, the first thing I did was get the discount for my cell phone bill with it…lol. I finally have a place to live come this next week. I’ll move in Tuesday/Weds/Thursday…one of those days. It’ll be good to get all my stuff in there before I leave for Colorado. I’ll be living in the dorms on base, so should be convenient for getting to class. I didn’t get the option to live off of base, so I guess the dorms will definitely have to do. I’m in the “new” dorms, they were built in 2006, and apparently that makes me “lucky” according to the housing guy. I also have my address down here now, so if you would like, that send me a message on facebook, shoot me a text, or leave me something on here and I’ll give it to you. I don’t want to just post it on here though.

My Mom and Step-dad made it over here last weekend. They came down to visit some other family and then came over to see me. We just relaxed for the most, went out to eat, and Martin helped me make my car shine so much you can see it from space. As far as places to eat, there are a couple awesome places to go. Chili’s is the local favorite, and my personal favorite is a place called TB’s (Todd and Bullet’s). They have this amazing entree called Corona Shrimp with stuffed shrimp (cheese and jalapenos) and then the shrimp is wrapped in bacon. Hunter was also here for majority of their stay and he was able to meet us for Dinner one day and Lunch another. Mom and Martin were asking him a ton of questions about everything, so I got a chance to see what I was like when I first got here. Of course once Alex and Zach get here I’ll be giving them all the info, much like Hunter did with me. It was awesome being able to see them for those couple days, and I hope to get more visitors in the future. They’ll be coming back after I get back  from IFS to bring down some of my stuff, so looking forward to that.  Dad and Barb were talking of coming down around Christmas time, but I’ll be back on leave for both thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m trying to decide if and when I should take a week or so in October or September before my UPT class starts also.

Hunter also left the same time that my parents did. That made this last week pretty boring for me. Before he left we had been hanging out or going out to eat almost every night for the past two weeks. He went off to SERE (Survival school) and by the time he’s back from it I’ll be off in Colorado. By the time I get back from IFS, he’ll be gone to his next base. So that’s definitely a bummer, but it was great being able to even get those two weeks in. He’s been one of my best friends that I’ve met from college, and it sucks we weren’t here at the same time longer.

Once I get back from IFS I can get my internet going. Go get a new TV and hooked up with some cable and a DVR…get my netflix hooked up on the xbox…Once all that happens then I’ll be in technology heaven. I’ve missed xbox live and netflix the past couple months, never realized how nice it was to have that readily available. Of course my dad made the comment tonight when I talked to him on the phone. Imagine what it was like 25+ years ago when we didn’t have any of this stuff. Of course then I’d probably be reading all the time, which I’ve actually done quite a bit of lately.

Yeah I know…reading! I bought The Pacific (the book) which is to accompany the miniseries. Band of Brothers the book, was more so what the mini series was based on, not an accompanying book. The Pacific (the book) instead covers several people that the miniseries does not. Overall it’s a pretty good read, but I’ve really just started it. Hugh Ambrose definitely continues on the family legacy of a great historical writer, his dad would be proud. Stephen E. Ambrose is/was my favorite writer.  The other book I picked up is I am the Messenger. My friend Jenn recommended it to me and damn it was a great book. I read like the first 20 pages, set it down for about two weeks, and then this last week I picked it back up and knocked it out in like two days. I literally couldn’t put it down. Once I get back from IFS I’ll probably go pick up some more Markus Zusak books. I plan on reading more than just playing video games to pass my time.

All in all Air Force life thus far isn’t bad. I’m pretty bored (but that’s a good problem to have since I won’t have that luxury once UPT starts.) This week I’ll be studying Boldface and emergency procedures like crazy…. I’m getting paid, and meeting some pretty cool people.

On a side note to those people coming here for training…The Fitness Center here is awesome. I’ve started swimming every week, and man did it kick my butt the first time. Definitely a great alternative workout to always running. Maybe I’ll start doing weights again too. The bummer is I don’t think the complex at IFS has a pool.

We’re also about to get a ton of people awaiting pilot training. The class after me at ASBC should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. The Air Force Academy has 200 some people arriving here in the next week and a half. Another reason I’m happy I already have a place to live…being on that waiting list would be terrible, or even trying to find something in town if you were given the option…would be impossible. When I get back they probably will have a hard time finding me a casual job to do for the two months before pilot training starts. More reason to take a week of leave or so I guess.

Alex and Zach, you two need to get here pronto to keep me entertained. Those Puma’s better watch out for Zach though, that kid’s got moxie.I can just see it…we’ll be the Tres Terrors or something (mainly Zach being the terror)

Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to leave comments or drop me a question or something.

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  1. Shew
    27 July 2010 at 19:47

    Isn’t The Pacific mainly based on the memiors of E.B. Sledge, which we both read in WWII history?

    • Merlinus
      28 July 2010 at 01:06

      A decent portion of it is. E.B. Sledge is in both the book and the mini-series…In the book he’s one of five people covered…and in the mini-series he’s one of four. He’s the only one that’s a part of both.

  2. Hunter
    30 July 2010 at 15:12

    The IFS Complex (U.S.S. Doss) Does not have a pool… it has some weight machines, basketball/volleyball court. and a room of treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes.

  3. Becky Lathrop
    30 July 2010 at 20:09

    We enjoyed our visit with you too. It just wasn’t long enough. I hope we didn’t bombard Hunter too much with all the questions. I am anxious to hear how he is since he got back from his training. I’m glad you had him there with you for as long as you did to get you set up. The fitness center was incredible. It’s good you are swimming and getting your dorm was great. Nice to be all set up for when you get back from Colorado. Miss you and keep blogging.

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