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The Start of Casual Status: In-processing

Ah the beginning of the beginning of pilot training. Well, pilot training won’t take place for awhile since my class start date isn’t supposed to be until October. In the meantime, while we wait for our class start date, we are on “casual status.” Casual status starts off with in-processing, which in-processing happens at any base you ever go to. When you leave a base you’ll also “out-process” (go figure right?) I’m not going to break it down little by little in painstaking detail so no worries there. Basically what you do during the in-processing part is you go around to all the various places on base and get checked in…These include medical/dental, finance, housing, personnel, etc. The one I was focused on was finance of course, as I’m running pretty low on funds due to ASBC. We were supposed to receive a “TDY” advance at ASBC to offset the cost of the lodging and food but it never showed up for me…Other people did get it though. So once that hits I’ll be in good shape and can start investing and buying things I’ve been waiting to get (Like a NEW TV…oh yeah.)In-processing with a group of 40+ people does slow this whole process down when you compare it to a friend of mine who is the only person in-processing at his job.

The other part of casual status, besides the in-processing part (because you’re supposed to have that done after a month or so) are various casual status jobs. These jobs range from things like secretary work, gate guard duty, or even DDR (I don’t know the acronym but you’re the guy/girl that makes sure people do the drug tests correctly when they pee in the cup.) Not the most glorious job in the world…but we’re getting paid right? The Air Force is pretty genius for the whole Casual job concept, even if all of us casual LT’s get restless. It allows us to get settled in over the course of several weeks instead of trying to do it all at once and then immediately job into pilot training. A casual job also allows the base to fill in vacancies and use us as an augmentation group to help the base out where it needs manning. A great example of this are the gate guards. The security forces here have a good number of people deployed so they augment us to help fill the role, thus alleviating some stress put on these people. Of course we aren’t security forces or any of these other roles that people may need us to fill in, so no worries, we aren’t doing anything all to serious.

My casual status job will be doing the gate guard stuff, so it should be pretty interesting. Got some training on it today and I’ll be good to go for next week.

Right now I’ve just been sitting back and relaxing when I have the time. I’m usually running around trying to turn in all my in-processing paperwork or going to mandatory formations like briefings and stuff. Besides that I’ve been playing some WoW and hanging out with Hunter before he takes off to his next base. Right now I’m just playing the casual status waiting game and first up for me will be IFS on 3 August. I really need to  start (not )stop hammering away at the bold face, but it’s coming to me pretty easily. Having a whole year of ground school and some flight time under my belt definitely helps, but so do a bunch of other people. I’m also waiting on a place to live, as I’m still in the Inn here. After 40 some days at ASBC and another 10+ already here…I’m ready to have a place I can call home and I can start to unpack and get situated in for the next year and a half or so.

I’m hoping that people don’t find all of this too long and in-depth and boring…So hopefully this is proving useful to some people, if at the very least just a means to keep updated with me. I’ve read some other blogs of similar LTs doing what I’m doing and there’s are relatively shorter…lol.

But yeah, this place is getting better after every passing day. You meet more people, you get to know the area more…and right now I’ve got my WoW to pacify me…I just really want a place of my own.

Ops limits and emergency procedures will be my life the next couple of weeks before IFS, and there probably wont be much to talk about…but I’ll try to update a little bit.

Thanks for reading!

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