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After ASBC enroute to Laughlin

I’ll post another post this weekend about the happenings of my first week here at Laughlin, but it wont be too long…It’s pretty damn slow.

But after ASBC on Thursday (1 July) I packed up and spent some time with the flight for that last bit before I decided to leave. Most of the flight were sticking around an extra week for “ECAC” and I really don’t know what it stands for. It’s about 4-5 days of survival training for Officers that aren’t going into direct combat career fields or high risk career fields. Since I’m a pilot student, I don’t do ECAC…I have to do an extended survival training up in Washington after I finish pilot training. My friend Hunter is done here at Laughlin, and about to head to this survival school (SERE is the name of the training.)

After that I headed off to Laughlin AFB, with a quick stop down in Florida for a quick mini vacation and to see a friend. The mini vacation was definitely needed…got some quick beach time in even, though the water was closed due to the Hurricane/Oil…So that was a bummer. But it was a nice quick getaway before I headed to Laughlin on Saturday. It was definitely worth the extra two hours down there to see someone I haven’t seen in a couple years and to relax for a quick bit.

Once Saturday rolled around I made the 16.5 hour journey to Del Rio, Texas (Laughlin Air Force Base.) I didn’t plan on doing it all in one go..but I ended up getting to San Antonio at about 1am and attempted to find several hotels…None of the hotels I stopped at had any vacancies. I decided to keep going towards Del Rio (about 2.5-3 hours) and try to find hotels along the way. I stopped at a total of 12 hotels before I said screw it and drove the rest of the way. That 2-3 hour drive felt like an eternity…most everyone was asleep at this point, but one or two people were occasionally texting me to make sure I was still alive…the music kept me awake and I made it to Laughlin AFB at 4am. Below is a map of where I am now…yep right on the Mexico Border!

My friend Hunter is here, so that’s made being here a little better. Del Rio really isn’t all that grand…the Walmart is pretty cool? I guess that’s one plus. And once I get into my job more and start flying I’ll be less bored and have less time to just sit here and do nothing…I’m really just looking forward to flying.

I think I also get to see my mom and step-dad like the July 15th…so that will be awesome. If anyone wants to come visit me for whatever reason, I wont be opposed! =).

My dates as of right now are …Introductory Flight Screening on August 3rd, and undergraduate pilot training on October 4th…So I’ve got quite a bit of time of “casual status.”

I’ll post more about all that in the next one though. Till next time!

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  1. Becky Lathrop
    8 July 2010 at 09:29

    Could you meet us in San Antonio (New Braunfals actually) around the same time? We will come on down to Del Rio but I really want you to meet Everett. He hasn’t been doing very well and is getting pretty fraile. The two of you have things in common such as flying for the Air Force and he probably has some awesome stories. I really want him to meet you too. I love you and stay far far away from Mexico.:)

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