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Week 4, Briefings, Icarus, and Wargaming

Well the title pretty much sums up week 4 (I’m not even kidding.)

Did our “doctrine briefings”…15 minute long briefing, and I did mine over Nuclear Operations. AFDD 2-17. It really wasn’t that bad and I plowed through the entire thing from Sunday at 4pm to Monday morning at 4am. So I suggest to anyone going to be here at ASBC…Start the briefing early, and don’t plan a weekend get away the weekend before it’s all do. We also had to do a 3 page “position paper.” It really wasn’t bad.

We had another combatives course (our final one.) We did two icarus operations and then on Friday had an Icarus tournament (we lost the first round, but still did well!) We also had our two Wargaming operations which is my “additional duty.” When you get to ASBC you get assigned an additional duty in your flight from Icarus Officer, PT officer, Wargaming, Team Leader, etc. I got to be one of the two wargaming officers. We did pretty well on both of them. Got second out of twelve flights on the first one, and not sure how well we did comparatively on the second one (though I felt it was a better performance than the first.) I was really proud/happy with my flight though.

As a flight (well 9 out of 13 of us) we went Kayaking on the Coosa River. It was really fun, but I was hoping for several more Rapids. Needless to say I really want to go whitewater kayaking and maybe even purchase one (though they are a little pricey) So we’ll see…If I do that I’d have to also put an ugly rack on my car for it…so that’s one downside.

It’s funny to have a new ASBC class here, because we’re no longer the “noobs.” It’s fun being able to pass long some of the stuff we’ve learned to them.

This week is Combined Operations where all of us get split into new flights containing ASBC students from both my class and the class that started last week, as well as Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (people that have been enlisted for 18+ years and are at the top ranks of the enlisted force.) This is definitely the best part of ASBC. But I’ll talk about that when I do the next post!

Thanks for reading, and comments are always welcome!

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  1. Mike Ball
    28 February 2012 at 13:30

    Do you have the game manual or any docs on Icarus? I want to use it at an ROTC detachment

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