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Week 3 of ASBC and Nashville

I apologize for not getting this up sooner (week 3’s post) but I was in Nashville and also working on the “big” assignment for ASBC (We’ll get to that later)

The Weekend prior to week 3 isn’t all that special, I just relaxed and recouped. So there’s not much to talk about.

Week 3 is probably the 2nd busiest week of ASBC besides Week 4. Well I guess it really depends how much you put the big assignment off if Week 4 is busy or not…For me it’s been pretty relaxing thus far (but that’s for next week’s post.)

Week 3 is pretty similar to week 2 for the most part…a lot of lectures/academic classes. We’ve really started to dive into the doctrine of the USAF as well as operations and the different areas of the Air Force. We had to give a briefing and do a paper this week. I won’t give that many details as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for everyone…The paper was over the biggest challenge I think I’ll face as an Air Force Officer. I focused mine on my tendency to be negative and to then make those around me negative. It happened in ROTC a couple times, and I’ve really been aware of it since then to make sure it doesn’t happen. It just happens when things are going a route I don’t agree with, which definitely isn’t a good trait to have in the Air Force considering that what I think/believe won’t always be the necessary actions taken. This isn’t so much as me being selfish, this is more me trying to give my view/feedback and not being heard…or it just not mattering and things occur when I don’t agree with them. But I’m learning to deal with it and just shut up and color…

We also had an icarus op (where we play for points.) This didn’t go all too well, but we’re learning. We did another round of combatives and also had another “team challenge.” The team challenge was also for points and my flight actually did the best out of any other flight…So that was AWESOME.

We had “Take it to the Max” on Thursday which was a lot of fun. We went to the officers club and had a taco buffet and some beer…while we watched people “duel/joust” with those gladiator type sticks…Our team leader from our flight actually made it to the final round, so that was also pretty cool. Overall it was a pretty good time and allowed the flight to come together more. Hanging out with my flight mates is probably the best part of ASBC.

This past weekend I went to Nashville, TN .It’s like exactly halfway from Indiana to here…so that was a nice place to be able to meet in the middle. The town was ridiculously crazy busy…Bonnaroo was going on (a really massive music festival for rock/alt rock.) The Country Music Awards were going on and with them the CMA music fest/street fest…So the town was pretty busy. I wish I would of had more time so I could have gone to all of it, but I attempted to stray around from the massive crowds and hit the areas no one was really around.

After that I went to Centennial park which was created back in 1897 at the “centennial” of TN being admitted into the United States. It was pretty cool because of all the different parts to it, and the main being the Parthenon, which is a recreation of the one in Greece.  And I walked around downtown for a bit, and saw “the arcade” which is one of the only malls like it still open in the world. Also saw a lot of the cool bars and places to eat downtown, it was definitely pretty neat…You couldn’t even tell there was a flood a month ago. After that I went to Bicentennial park (from 1997) Which I actually liked the most. Every monument or thing in this park was definitely planned and well thought out. On one side was a time line…and as you walk the time line there are monuments dedicated to things that TN took part in…like World War II or the Civil War. I really liked the civil war part because this “time-line” was aligned north to south…and when you got to the civil war monument the time-line was “broken” which to me was to be the divide between the Union and Confederacy. On the other side of the park were squares with each county and info about each one.

(The bottom one is a picture taken in Bicentennial park while looking at downtown/state house.)

I then came back on Sunday and started working on my “Big assignment” which is a 16 minute long briefing on a piece of Air Force doctrine, and with it you do a 3 page position paper based on the doctrine with a book you’re assigned. I chose nuclear ops and I actually learned a lot…I was up till 3am, but I got it done!

Well That’s about it…I’ll post once this week/weekend is over…and I think I’m going Kayaking this weekend with my flight, so that’ll be fun!

Comments are always welcome (I Read all of them) and if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask either on facebook or on here.

I wish I could be home for Father’s day…so Dad if you happen to read this, I love you tons, and I wish I was there to spend some time with you. Happy early Father’s day pops.

Being away from home and knowing you wont be back for a long time really puts everything into perspective and how important your family and friends really are. I mean I’m doing well being away from everyone, but it was nice knowing I could see everyone whenever I pretty much wanted. So remember to not take it for granted and get as much time as you can with all of your loved ones.

Take care everyone. Until next time. Lt “Hart Attack” out.

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