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Memorial Day Weekend and Week 2 Of ASBC

As I said in a previous post, we get weekends off here at ASBC (at least we’re off from class, but we’ve still been getting homework.) Last weekend I decided to go see my friends Brannon and Mary Ann who live in Starkville, MS (It’s actually only like 20 minutes from Columbus Air Force Base, one of the bases I might have gone for pilot training.) I left on Friday and it was about a 3 hour drive or so. It was nice to just get away from Maxwell AFB for a while, especially after living in tents for the past week. Friday, and Saturday we just hung out and relaxed for the most part. I was able to put quite a bit of time into Red Dead Redemption while I was visiting them, which was nice since I had been playing on like a 17inch crappy CRT TV in my room at Maxwell. Brannon had like a 42 inch or something flat screen…so that was a change. Saturday we at a place called Mugshots (which was fantastic) and they showed me around Mississippi State (which was pretty cool.) Sunday we went to Columbus (the City) and then the Air Force Base. It was interesting to see one of the bases I might had went to, and the base in Del Rio will probably look very similar. Later on Sunday, Brannon and I went fishing (I seriously hadn’t gone fishing in like 10 to 12 years.) We caught like 30 fish between the two of us, but we didn’t keep them. Monday I pretty much just packed up and headed back. Overall it was great to see the two of them, especially Brannon since it seems any time he comes to Indiana the two of us always have jam packed schedules. I wish I could go back and see them again before I leave to go to Texas, but we’ll see. And here’s a picture of my weekend…

As for the Air Force and ASBC. I still haven’t gotten paid yet…It’s been like 11 days now since I’ve been activated. Hopefully I’ll be paid by Monday or Tuesday since I’m getting really low on funds. It’ll be nice though because all those various funds will hit at once. This was the first week of Academics, so all of us are just getting into the swing of things. The next two weeks now will be the busiest. We’ve got to knock out all our briefings and papers before Week Five. Week five starts “Combined Ops” when we pair up with the Senior NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) Academy, which I hear is the best experience out of the whole course.

My week has consisted of the following: academics, lectures, homework, discussions, readings, combatives, Icarus, and “Team Challenge.” The Academics aren’t bad…it’s basically just back to back lectures, but we do receive like 10 minute breaks every hour so we all don’t keep looking like we are about to dose off. The small flight room discussions are pretty good. That’s when our Captain guides a discussion or teaches a lesson with just his flight (the 13 of us.) This is probably where I’ve learned the most as we have 13 other people (including my Captain) and we share our different perspectives. Since I’m like the second youngest person and one of 4 people who just got on active duty, I’m using this to soak up as much info as I can. We have 5 or 6 prior enlisted people in my flight, which are all HUGE sources of knowledge. It’s definitely a great asset to the flight. After the flight’s second week together, I must say we’re still coming together as a team, but we’ve been doing pretty well. Next week will be a real test, as there are several scored events next week.

Discussions and lectures can range to about anything you can think of that’s applicable to new officers. From core Air Force competencies, creating goals, problem solving steps, teamwork, team-building,  critical thinking, critical listening, etc. We usually have about 30 pages or so of reading the night before f or the class, and one time this week we had an assignment to finish. This weekend I have a paper to do, a briefing to prepare, and another briefing due in the middle of the week. The week after next I have to turn  in my large paper (3 pages) and a 15 minute briefing.

As far as the other stuff…Tuesday we didn’t have any physical activities (these usually take place in the morning around 8-11.) Wednesday we had introduction into Icarus. Here’s a video about Icarus (if you click it of course.) Icarus was created solely for ASBC, and in it is a lot of stuff you will learn here about ASBC, especially Air Doctrine type stuff. Basically it’s dodgeball on steroids. It’s pretty fun though. On Thursday we did Combatives (just like at ROTC Field Training.) The cadets at Field Training are actually doing it the same place we do it this year. I think after my ASBC class graduates, and the new class comes…they’ll be exposed to the next tier of combatives. This is due to the fact that everyone from now on should have had combatives already, but some of the people in my class haven’t yet. My class contains the last of the people that graduated before I did, and are just getting to ASBC. On Friday we did a “team challenge” and that’s about all I can say about it, because it’s not supposed to be discussed. The Team Challenge was basically a test over the stuff we had learned that week and put it into a physical realm we could see.

Some other random things…

I drove to Pratville (which is North-West of Maxwell) and  it’s definitely a better place to  go then my exit 3 recommendation earlier. It’s got about anything you can imagine as long as you drive far enough, and you don’t have to get on an interstate and deal with Montgomery traffic. There’s a block buster there which I found on Weds, and has been my saving grace from boredom right now. I watched Invictus and Blind Side, which were both good but Blind Side was awesome.

The commissary has sushi here, and it’s really quite good. They have a lot of variety, and it’s a better selection of food and drinks than walmart for sure. I know this commissary is larger than the one at Del Rio or Columbus, but this is a quite larger base than those two. I recommend you buy food from the commissary and don’t go out to eat for every meal.

For those soon to be new officers…once you get your ID and it says “LT” on it, expect to be saluted by security forces when coming on base…If you are saluted then salute them back (yes even though you’re sitting down in your car.) I’ve had it happen about four times, and I must say I’ve been impressed with the professionalism of all the enlisted security forces at the gate…but then again they need to be, there are 2 and 3 star generals that go in and out of this base.

For those getting their braid sewn on their service dress coat…it’s 3 inches from the end of the sleeve.

oh and I also took a quick video of my room…It’s not terrible, but in comparison to the rooms with flat screen TV’s, kitchens, and their own bathroom, it sucks. I attempted to upload it…but didn’t go to well with the internet.

That’s it for now…Until next time! Thanks for reading. (Post comments or questions if you’ve got em.)

Here’s a picture I’ll leave you all with…This was taken on the Friday of my 1st Week in our “deployment” phase…It’s several 2d LTs getting promoted to 1st Lt.

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  1. Becky Lathrop
    9 June 2010 at 15:05

    Ok, where did your other post go? I haven’t had a chance to read Greene’s article and was going to read it before I responded. I think you are on to something with your thoughts. Just remember, we ( meaning my generations and the generations before me) have been trying to solve some of these issues to no avail. So if your’s doesn’t don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes I think the human race doesn’t even deserve to live on this beautiful planet because all we do is &@%! it up! I think because of all the greed we are going to end up just like the Roman Empire and people will look back on us the same way we look at Rome. They had so many wonderful ideas, but greed destroyed them. This oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a prime example of our greed. I can’t stand to see how the beaches, wetlands, people’s way of life, and not to forget the wildlife is being destroyed. All because of greed. We have the technology and the know how to stop our dependence on oil, but wealthy do not want us to stop using oil because they will lose money and their way of life. How much money is enough? We have to stop the madness. Ok, just a minute while a step off of my soap box. I thoroughly agreed with everything you said in that post and I want to read it again and I need the link to Greene’s article. I was impressed with what a deep thinker you have become. I am proud of you and would like to read more on your thoughts. Love you, Mom

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