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The Frist Drive

I set out on my first destination today. Leaving was by far the hardest part. I’ve been away from home a couple times like trips or field training…but this is a bit different. This time I know I will not be coming back unless I’m on leave. The next time I will probably be home is Christmas. The next time I may  see my family and friends is Christmas…that’s kind of hard to take in right now. I hope I see some of them before then.

It’s one thing to think of the coming day when you will part your loved ones and your close knit of people…it’s an entirely different story when that day rolls around. Today is my first day of “farewells” and “see you later” days, with many more of these heart wrenching moments to come. Deployments, transfers, the end of my leave, etc…I guess I better get used to it…but I don’t think, regardless of how many times I actually have to part with those I love and treasure the company of, that it will get any easier. It’s just something i have to deal with, and those that are in my life (and any member of the military and their loved ones) have to deal with. I’m certainly not the only one going through this experience, or these emotions, but it’s the first time that I’ve actually had to deal with them myself to such a degree. You just don’t really realize what you have with those people until you’re gone, until it’s not there to have….that’s when you really realize how much it means to you. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” I definitely think that’s true and I’ve been gone for twelve hours. Even if it’s only twelve hours I know that it’s going to be several months in reality…so that’s why it really sucks.

I cannot keep thinking about that all the time though, I need to start focusing on the tasks at hand (even though I don’t have any currently, but in a couple days I will.) I inprocess tomorrow, and start class on the 24th. I just want everyone to remember though that what I detail or share on this blog, do not reflect the Air Force or anything related with the Air Force. I’m merely talking about my experiences and things I learn/feel.

Buy anyways! I started off in Terre Haute, Indiana and as of this post I’m in Montgomery, AL at Maxwell Air Force Base.
Trip from 6128 W Empire Dr, West Terre Haute, IN 47885-8971 to Maxwell Air Force Base, 10 N Pine St, Maxwell Afb, AL 36112.
There’s the entire trip right there…took about nine hours with traffic and everything.

I saw three accidents (they didn’t happen right in front of me but I happened by them when emergency crews were still responding.) I came to two complete stops on separate areas of I-65….that was fun. I really think that Alabama and I-65 is just one huge interstate full of road construction and speed zones. Then when I finally got to Montgomery and I go to turn off on my exit to Maxwell Air Force Base…the exit is closed…so I took like a thirty minute detour…and get back to the gate I was supposed to take (according to my phone)…and it was also closed. Needless to say I wandered around for about an hour before I finally found the gate that was opened…Meanwhile I was getting extremely frustrated and Mom was really worried about me. But I made it…Safe and sound after about nine hours of driving. I’m all checked into my room and everything, and even have somewhat decent internet. (Though the cell phone reception sucks inside the dorms.)

Expect more updates relatively soon. I miss you all. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Becky Lathrop
    20 May 2010 at 16:52

    Your thoughts and emotions are very normal, afterall those who love you are all feeling the same thing, but we are lucky because we have today’s technology to be able to stay in touch. I was so appreciative of the phone calls to let me know that you were there and that I could go to bed, and then the last phone call to tell me you found it and were checking in. That meant I could finally close my eyes and go to sleep. I prayed off and on all evening that God would keep you safe and help you find your way.

    Even though we are apart just know I am only a phone call away no matter what time it is. I can also jump in my car and be there if need be, lol. We are all so proud of you because you set your goal and now you actually have the chance to fulfill it. How many people get a chance to do that? There will be times when the choice you made will suck, but remember it will get better.

    I am anxious to hear about your first day and what you did. I am also waiting to hear what your address will be. You can expect some care packages from your momma!! Any suggestions of what you would like to have?

    I remember how hard it was for me to tell your dad see you later when he went to Elgin to school for 9 weeks. I thought it was an eternity. The hardest was telling Martin good bye when he was called up. I didn’t know when he would get to come home. So hang in there and know that we are all here for you. I see that you have had over 100 hits on here so geesh you are loved BIG TIME.

    • 23 May 2010 at 00:54

      Thank you for all your support through the good times and bad…It’s definitely amazing to have so many supportive people. As far as care packages hold off on those, I don’t even know my address yet lol.

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